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Johan Steen

Hello! I love to write code and create art!

Code and art — I can't imagine a more suitable medium to explore both of those passions than video games! After having spent years moving between working on art projects and application development, I've finally come full circle to completely focus on creating games with a love for the late 80s game era.

If you enjoy what you find on my blog, feel free to get in touch for a chat or maybe even to discuss collaborating on a project.

You can always reach me via Discord, Mastodon, or by using your ninja telepathy.

When I'm not just finishing one more thing on a project, you'll find me with a camera, at the movies or out and about exploring the near and far parts of the world.


I started coding ASM a long, long time ago when floppies ruled the earth, making demos and dabbling with game projects on the C64 and Amiga computers. That sparked my lifelong love for writing code and creating art.

When moving back into game development in these modern days, I started doing native code with Swift for Apple's iOS, tvOS and macOS. I found that quite enlightening to get the foundations down on how to structure my games from the ground up. Moving on, I wanted to focus more on game design than building basic blocks, so now I mostly work with Unity and code using C#.

And last but not least, I do mix in some art tools like Houdini, Blender, and Substance.