Xcode Asset Catalog Generator

I've released one of my game development tools, Xcode asset catalog generator, on GitHub. The tool builds the Xcode asset catalog from source assets and generates images with optimized sizes for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Mac.

I recommend watching the video above to learn about how to use the tool.


  • Creates sizes in @1x, @2x and @3x per device type.
  • Saves the output directly to the asset catalog in Xcode.
  • Handles numbered image sequences.
  • Handles Sprite Atlas generation.
  • Handles vector images as Universal, Single Scale. PDF and SVG (Xcode 12+).
  • Specifically targets game development with SpriteKit.
  • Tracks converted images so on each re-generation only new or updated source images are generated to the asset catalog.
  • In early development, available as-is. The same goes for the documentation.

I've developed the tool for my personal needs, so everything is subject to change between versions and it does have quite a few rough edges.