Devlog #11: Items & Weapon Upgrades

In this episode I've implemented collectible items and weapon upgrades. Also I've started to do initial dabbling with Game VFX that will end up in SpriteKit.

Devlog #11: Items & Weapon Upgrades
Johan Steen
by Johan Steen

In this episode I’ve implemented collectible items and weapon upgrades. Also I’ve started to do some initial dabbling with Game VFX using Blender, with the plan to later translate it from Blender to SpriteKit.

Items & Upgrades

Collectible items is a new entity type that adopts a CollectableItem protocol to identify this new kind of object in the game that the player can collect. Also a WeaponComponent has been added that handles weapon upgrades when the player collects upgrade items.


I keep adding things to the HUD UX and it’s slowly becoming cluttered. I find it convenient to keep adding relevant info to the HUD as the game develops. I am getting closer to start thinking of an actual UI that will present this info to the player in a nice way.

Game VFX

Apart from coding, I did spent most of last week in Blender coming up with workflows to design Game VFX. I’ll need a lot of VFX for bullets, shields, impacts and explosions. The plan is to develop a pipeline where I can design the effects in Blender and then without too much hassle translate it to SpriteKit.

Game Devlog

This is the 11th episode of my devlog following the progress of my indie game, LunaX Engine, which is a top down shoot’em up, that I am coding in Swift on top of the SpriteKit and GameplayKit frameworks.


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