In this episode I've ironed out the art pipeline to use for LunaX Engine. The pipeline to create game assets is built around Blender 3D combined with custom generator tools. Also I've done an initial barebone version of a new tool to help me design bullet effects.

Blender 3D

Blender 3D is the core for game asset creation in the pipeline. Every asset will be modeled, rigged, animated and rendered in Blender. Detailing and texture painting will be done in separate applications like Substance Painter and ZBrush.

Asset Catalog Generator

Using node.js I've made a small but efficient tool that generates Xcode asset catalogs on the fly from rendered source assets. It can deal with animations and sprite sheets during the generation phase. The tool creates versions of each asset for iOS, tvOS and macOS at the most optimized sizes.

FX Editor

I've done an initial take on an effects editor to speed up the workflow to design new bullet effects to use in the game. Still quite barebone but I'll expand on it as I move deeper into the art phase.

Game Devlog

This is the 12th episode of my devlog following the progress of my indie game, LunaX Engine, which is a top down shoot'em up, that I am coding in Swift on top of the SpriteKit and GameplayKit frameworks.